Our management services will include the following

On receiving your formal instructions to let and / or manage your property we will provide the following services

  1. Add the details of your property to our lists for distribution to interested parties.
  2. We will advertise your property on the RightMove website.
  3. Circulate the details to suitable applicants registered with us for the UK and abroad.
  4. Advertise the property in local papers if this is considered necessary.
  5. Accompany prospective tenants to view the property unless otherwise instructed.
  6. Advise you as soon as we have received a formal tenancy application.

The administration of the collection of rent and pursuing any arrears should they occur. The landlord will be responsible of legal fees should legal action against the tenant be required for rent arrears or re-possession of the property.


  1. Balance of rent will normally be paid into your bank or building society account.
  2. You will receive a quarterly statement of account as requested.
  3. At the appropriate time we will advice you of the impending termination of the tenancy and seek your instructions for re-letting. At the same time we will advise you of the rental re-evaluation.
  4. We will serve the relevant housing act and / or rent notices to formally terminate the tenancy, which is an obligatory procedure, before offering a new term to the residing tenants in the event that you wish to allow them to continue.
  5. Administration of any repairs and the settlement of invoices form rent collected. Except in cases of emergency you will be consulted for Expenditure over the authorised amount stated on confirmation of instructions.
  6. Inspection of your property 4 times a year.
  7. Regular caretaking visits to the property between tenancies.

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